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Tandy Culpepper Talks Israel, Hamas, and Politics with Award-winning Christian Science Monitor Correspondent Francine Kiefer

For several months, I had been trying to pin down journalist Francine Kiefer for an interview regarding her award-winning work as West Coast bureau chief for the Christian Science Monitor.

My efforts were complicated by unforeseen circumstances not of our making. Kiefer had been asked to assume the role of interim national news editor pending results of a search to fill the position long term.

I caught up with Francine the second week of October, a time in which news from overseas was dominated by events taking place in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

On the home front the top news story was the ongoing search for a new speaker of the House. Prior to heading to the West Coast, Kiefer served as congressional correspondent for the Monitor.

In our interview Kiefer and I discuss the situation in the Middle East, the search for a new House speaker, as well as the race to fill the Senate seat held most recently by the late Dianne Feinstein.


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