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Tandy Culpepper Talks Volcanoes & Earthquakes with Geologist & Volcanologist Jess Phoenix


Jess Phoenix wears many hats. The history undergrad major took a geology class on a lark and found herself instantly hooked. Soon enough, she earned a master’s degree in geology at California State University, Los Angeles. Her thesis is a mouthful: Lava Flow Morphologies and Structural Features Along the Axis of the South Rift Zone of Loihi Seamount, Hawaii.

Jess’s expertise in volcanology and seismology has made her a darling of media outlets — especially in recent weeks as volcanoes both in Iceland and Hawaii have exhibited increased activity and threatened public safety. 

Tandy Culpepper talks with Jess about the volcanoes in Iceland and Hawaii as well as the devastating earthquake in Japan on New Year’s Day. They also discuss Jess’s memoir, Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life.



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