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Tandy Culpepper Talks with Author Pamela Skjolsvik about Her Novel, Forever 51


Pamela Skjolsvik and I met in 2008 at Goucher College where we both were enrolled in the Creative Nonfiction MFA program.  We’ve kept in touch over the years. When Pamela decided to try her hand at fiction, she settled on a topic guaranteed to raise eyebrows. The novel is Forever 51, a dark comedy about a menopausal vampire named Veronica. Pamela’s protagonist is forever condemned to a life of irritability and hot flashes. The idea for the high-concept tale came to Pamela as the result of a question posed by her young son. Hear the question in this interview. Pamela reads from Forever 51 as well as from her first book, a reported memoir titled Death Becomes Us. By the way, Pamela plans a trilogy, and the second in the series will be called Wasted on the Young. Forever 51 is available on Amazon.




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