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Tandy Culpepper Talks Writing and War Correspondence with Veteran Broadcast Journalist Don Dahler


I’d been trying to schedule an interview with veteran broadcast journalist Don Dahler (most recently of CBS News) for weeks. We finally found a good date in October, and looking back, I realize had we conducted the interview in September, I would have missed out on his valuable observations regarding the Israel-Hamas war. 

Earlier in his career — as a war correspondent with ABC News — Dahler was embedded with American forces during the second Gulf War. That experience informs much of this episode as he provides insights into the major players in the current armed conflict. 

Though Don is a top-notch journalist, he has lent his talents to another form of storytelling. He’s the author of three novels: A Tight Lie, Water Hazard, and Do A Little Wrong. He has also penned a biography of the first woman to pilot a plane across the English Channel. Fearless; Harriet Quimby A Life Without Limit.

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