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Veep Kamala Harris: Negative Press is Way a Off the Mark. The VP is Doing a Good Job

Hear me out.There has been an unwarranted insidious smear campaign to discredit Vice President Kamala Harris. She has been labeled a liability by anonymous party wags who couldn’t find the competence to do her job. — even if they were given a road map and a flashlight.

Just this weekend she has been meeting with world leaders to address the situation in Ukraine and its battle to preserve democracy. A loss to Putin and Russia is unacceptable.

Next week marks the one-year anniversary since Putin ordered Russian forces to invade Ukraine, his laughable so-called “special military operation” to “denatzify” the Ukrainian government. Never mind that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish.

Republicans have labeled Harris “the border czar,” blatantly ignoring the actual assignment President Biden added to the Vice-President’s portfolio: determining and ameliorating the root causes of migration from Central America. Only last week she met with heads of corporations who committed in excess of a billion-dollars in Central America to create jobs.

By any yardstick, Kamala Harris has been a success. She’s a trailblazer — the first woman vice-president, someone who unavoidably would become a lightning rod; her every move and word has been parsed and scrutinized under the lens of a partisan magnifying glass.

Her foreign policy chops are second to none. She chewed and spit out VP Mike Pence in their sole 2020 debate. I pity anyone who debates her in the future.

It was one year ago in Munich tha Vice-President Harris met privately to tell President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that a Russian invasion was imminent, and that he should make ready for the attack.

We live in dangerous times. Should Kamala Harris be required to assume role of the chief executive, she is more than capable to steer the ship of state.

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