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Will Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Go the Way of Taylor Swift’s Ticketmaster Disaster? Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Okay. I’ll ‘fess up. I’ve seen neither Beyonce’ nor Taylor Swift in concert, though I did see Whitney Houston back in the day and — giving away my age here — I saw Gloria Gaynor and the Village People quite some time before. (<i>I Will Survive<i/> and <i>YMCA!<i/> y’all). I had no trouble buying tickets for any of those concerts.

I had no trouble buying tickets for any of those concerts, so what in the name of little green apples was going on with ticketmaster and Taylor Swift’s tour. I mean, what a cluster fuck. Rarely have we seen such a show of unmitigated incompetence. Swfties who couldn’t buy tickets were sobbing uncontrollalby

We saw both Beyonce’ and Taylor Swift just last Sunday at the Grammy Awards where Queen Bey broke the all-time female artist Grammy award record with her 28th win. But both Beyonce and Taylor Swift lost out in the Album of the Year category to Harry Styles. That surprise win lit up social media by Beyonce’s fans who ran around with their hair on fire.

Here’s what I will go record stating — I do wish I had seen Bruce Springsteen back in his prime. Oh, by the was in my prime then, too.



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