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Trump’s Major Announcement? More Looney Tunes: Trading Cards You Can’t Even Trade. No, Seriously.

I haven’t posted anything in a month, but today? Today got me thinking. And shaking my head. When I was a kid of eight or so living in Munich, Germany, my friends and I were consumed by three things: baseball cards, comic books, and marbles. We’d trade baseball cards, and we’d trade comics. Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, and Sandy Koufax were favorite cards to trade. Superman, Batman, and the Green Hornet were some of the comic books that changed hands. Marbles came in a variety of colors and sizes. None of the aforementioned collectibles was expensive, and all of them could be held in your hands. But I have buried the lede, haven’t I? Yesterday, December 13, fhe former occupant of the Oval Office dropped a video in which he announced that he had a major announcement to make today, December 15. So, what is that major announcement so major that required it’s own introductory announcement the day before? Trump Trading Cards. Except that the cards are digital. Each “card” depicts Trump as a superhero, or a cowboy, or a fire fighter, or any number of other hyper masculine heroic figure. But these cards are NFTs — you can’t hold them or trade them. The entire collection will set you back $99. And the proceeds? Any money from sales will not go toward Trump’s campaign but will go straight into Trump’s personal coffers. As for where the marbles are in this equation? LOL. That’s low-hanging fruit.

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