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Alex Wagner is Doing Just Fine at MSNBC, Thank You Very Much

So. Allow me to vent. I’ve come across carping from various quarters that Alex Wagner is no Rachel Maddow. You know the kind of bitching from people who love to set up others to fail. Well, news flash: Rachel Maddow wasn’t Rachel Maddow when she began her program. Alex Wagner has been in that chair for what — five minutes? Okay, this next comment from me may sound like heresy to some, but IMHO, Maddow has become too cool for school. She’s obviously the 800 pound gorilla at MSNBC, but truth be told? I don’t miss her. I’d gotten to the point that I preferred Joy Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Stephanie Ruhle more. And Alex is growing on me. Google her. She’s got quite an impressive resume.

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