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Actor Tom Hanks: From Two-Time Oscar Winner to First-Time Novelist

So, the photo you see of Tom Hanks at the top of this post obviously is not recent. Indulge me here. This pic of Hanks was taken when he won the Oscar in 1994 for his starring turn in the film Philadelphia in which he portrayed a man afflicted with AIDS (He subsequently would win again the following year for his film, Forrest Gump.)

I was fortunate in that I interviewed Hanks for both films, and if you look closely at his left lapel, you’ll see a pin, a ribbon embellished with toys. The ribbon was created for the pediatric AIDS charity Tuesday’s Child. I was wearing the pin as Hanks and I sat down for our Philadelphia interview. He commented on the pin, and I said that I’d give it to him if he would agree to wear it during our on-camera interview. He wore that pin at the Oscars two years in a row.

Since I am gay, I was then and am still touched that he would bring so much attention to a condition that was then tantamount to a death sentence.

Well, flash forward 27 years, and Hanks has turned his attention to putting pen to paper. Someone once said “write about you know.” And that is what Hanks has done with his upcoming novel The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece. The breadth of the plot is ambitious, It opens in 1947 and spans the ensuing years to present day. Tom Hanks touches turns to gold. I expect this book will be a humdinger. Look for it in the late spring in 2023.

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