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King Tut Should Stay Tucked In

Mummy in a Casket

I had the strangest thought several days after Queen Elizabeth ll was laid to rest “for all eternity.” King Tut and other subjects of excavations over the years came to mind. What’s good for the goose does not appear to be what’s good for the gander. Archaeologists will not be pleased with my opinion on this matter. Surely when King Tut and other Egyptian nobles were laid to rest, they also assumed when they were interred that their commital would last for all eternity. Some might take the view that archaeologists are little more than grave robbers. The Drowned World, a 1962 novel by the prescient British writer J.G. Ballard tells the fictional account of an Earth post-climate change which leaves the vast majority of the world under water. A search for the mythical submerged city of Atlantis has been ongoing for decades. Even now, the odd under water civilization has come to the fore. Assuming mankind survives post-apocalyptic climate change, will archaeologists in the distant future seek to explore a submerged British Isles? Might they consider the royal vault an archaeological treasure? Inquiring minds want to know.

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