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Biden Approval Rating On Upswing

As an unabashed progressive Democrat, it pleases me to see that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are ticking up with some six weeks left to go before November’s mid-terms. One large reason for that upward swing is the national average of price at the pump. From a high of five dollars, the national average has dropped to $3.71 a gallon. The president isn’t out of the woods yet — his disapproval rating is 53% — but the rise in approval numbers has nonetheless been significant. July saw a low of 36%. More recently, that number has risen to 45%. Despite the drop in the price of gas, inflation remains a nagging concern. Prices for consumer goods have shown no sign of dropping. Biden’s approval numbers are the result of an Associated Press-NORC poll of 1,092 adults conducted between September 9-12.

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