One-time Trump press secretary sean spicer inks book deal

Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer has a book deal expected to hit shelves as soon as the spring of 2018. The title? The Briefing. According to early reports, the book will not include any bashing of his onetime boss, Donald Trump.

Expectations are that the book will take aim at the journalists he often sparred with during his daily White House briefings, which begs the question — how much interest will readers have for a book that doesn’t include Spicer’s feelings toward his former boss?

Spicer made a surprise appearance at this year’s Emmy Awards proving he can take a joke. That comic bit was greeted with mixed reviews, some criticizing the television academy for making light of the fact that Spicer was the frequent target of naysayers who thought he often stretched the truth in his remarks about the administration he served.

Look for the book in late spring or early summer.

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