No surprise here: The Last Jedi tops year’s box office and passes the Billion dollar mark over last weekend of 2017

Weekend studio estimates of some $52 million should push the domestic take for Star Wars: The Last Jedi above $517 million overtaking Beauty and the Beast by roughly $13 million. That total, added to worldwide box office, is all but certain to bring The Last Jedi well above the billion dollar mark worldwide.

Close behind with domestic weekend totals just above $50 million was Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle starring the Rock, Jack Black and Zac Efron. Some estimates suggest Jumanji may well be on track to top $300 million in domestic box office totals for Columbia.

Far behind in third place was Pitch Perfect 3 with just above $17 million.

Falling just below last year’s record-breaking U.S. box office totals of $11.4 billion, this year’s take will likely clock in just above $11 billion.

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