Disgruntled Office Workers mixed with a bad ass Virus Spells Big Screen Mayhem

It’s not just another day at the office in the new horror indy thriller, Mayhem, directed by Joe Lynch from a screenplay by Matias Caruso.

If you’ve ever had a grudge with a fellow employee or supervisor type at the office and fantasized about how you might exact revenge? This film takes that grievance, adds a bit of tomfoolery to the mix, and oila! The horrorfest is on. Walking Dead star Steven Yeun plays an employee named Derek Cho who works for an unscrupulous consulting firm where employees have axes to grind — as well as other literal handy tools perfect for the pissed off among us. Cho assists the firm in developing a virus that has lethal effects for anyone who comes into contact with the infected. The airborne menace frees up the subconscious mind to overtake anyone’s inhibitions to the point that they act out their worst impulses which results in deadly circumstances

When the virus is introduced to the consulting firm where Derek works, the Center for Disease Control places the building under quarantine until an antidote can be spread throughout the building’s air supply until that antidote can take effect, and that takes eight hours. Meanwhile, the employees of the firm turn on each other, and the results aren’t pretty. Hence, the title.

Yeun is joined in the cast by Samara Weaving and Steven Brand, among others.

RottenTomatoes gives the film a score of 83. Audiences who have seen the film come in with a 64. Mayhem runs 1 hour 26 minutes and is unrated.

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