Country Music Legend Mel Tillis Dead at 85

Longtime staple of Country Music, singer Mel Tillis, has died in Ocala, Florida. Tillis was 85. He was born Lonnie Melvin Tillis in Tampa, Florida, in 1932.

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mudbound takes moviegoers to the mississippi delta in a powerful story from director dee rees

It started as a an award-winning novel published in 2008 written by first-time author Hillary Jordan.

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rap star lil peep dead of overdose at 21

Emerging rap star Lil Peep has died in Tuscon, Arizona.

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Bidding war for 21st century fox? reports Comcast and Verizon enter the picture

Comcast Corporation reportedly has made an overture to buy several 21st Century Fox properties including the movie and television studios and perhaps certain cable outlests, as wel

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Sessions Mum on Communications with white house over Time Warner/AT&T merger

Questions abound in the planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner, Inc., a move that has been in the works for the past year.

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Conde Nast Names New Editor for Vanity Fair succeeding longtime chief Graydon Carter

Conde Nast has settled on a new editor-in-chief for it’s crown jewel publication, Vanity Fair, succeeding the retiring Graydon Carter.

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from the entertaining Rush Limbaugh: Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore was a democrat?

And now for the truly entertaining. Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has, true to form, weighed in on the Roy Moore allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

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It’s Official: LOrd of the Rings series coming to Amazon Prime

Amazon Studios and Jeff Bezos have been in talks with the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien as well as with Warner Bros.

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Disgruntled Office Workers mixed with a bad ass Virus Spells Big Screen Mayhem

It’s not just another day at the office in the new horror indy thriller, Mayhem, directed by Joe Lynch from a screenplay by Matias Caruso.

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Longtime Gossip Columnist, “Grand Dame of Dish,” Liz Smith Dies

Legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith has died in New York of natural causes at 94. She was born Mary Elizabeth Smith in February, 1923. in Ft.

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