Trump aide escorted off CNN set by security?

White House staffer Stephen Miller appeared on CNN’s Sunday news program, State of the Union, and engaged in an often abrasive series of exchanges with host Jake Tapper. After Tapper tired of Miller’s refusal to answer questions, instead lavishing Trump with lavish praise, Tapper all but called Miller a sycophant and cut the interview short.

Reportedly, Miller subsequently refused to leave the set and, after repeated requests to exit the studio, had to be escorted from the premises by network security.

It isn’t the first time Miller’s behavior has prompted criticism about his cable news appearances. During his interview with Tapper, Miller referred to Trump as a “political genius,” to which Tapper was motivated to say that he was being “obsequious” and that Miller had an audience of one, his boss Trump.

A White House spokesperson has pushed back against the account and said Miller left of his own volition.

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