Sessions Mum on Communications with white house over Time Warner/AT&T merger

Questions abound in the planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner, Inc., a move that has been in the works for the past year. The Justice Department is dragging its feet on the subject and has gone so far as to suggest that the merger may not be approved unless AT&T agrees to certain conditions, chief among them selling off the Cable News Network — CNN — to get approval for the go ahead.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to disclose whether the Justice Department has been approached by the White House over the matter. Reportedly, Donald Trump has pressured Session to block the deal unless the resulting company sells what is considered the crown jewel of Time Warner’s vast holdings.

On the campaign trail, Trump made it clear he would push for such action were he to become president. AT&T is said to be considering legal action to unveil whatever communications the White House and the Justice Department may have had on the matter.

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