Poll indicates Oprah would unseat the Donald in 2020

Oprah vs. Donald?

The biggest news to come out of this year’s Golden Globes had nothing to do with film or television. The awards show was hijacked by Oprah Winfrey, who won the Cecil B. DeMille award, essentially a lifetime achievement award.

But Winfrey, judging from the reaction generated by her stemwinder speech, may have at least one more superlative to add to her already impressive resume.

Not hours following Winfrey’s address to the star-studded crowd, speculation flooded news organizations that the buzz in the room at the Beverly Hills Hilton surrounded the notion that Winfrey should run for president. It’s not the first time that Winfrey has garnered talk that she might throw her hat in the proverbial ring, but each time, Winfrey has ruled out such a move.

No matter, headlines popped up on news outlets, so much so, that at least one poll was taken to gauge what a sampling of the public might suggest if Oprah took on Donald. The results swung in Winfrey’s favor — and not by a little.

A Rassmussen Reports survey taken this week shows that Winfrey would beat Donald by double digits. Asked whom tney would prefer in a match up of the two, 48 per cent of respondents chose Oprah, with Trump polling only 38 per cent and 14 per cent registering as undecided. The breakdown indicates 76 per cent of Democrats, 22 per cent of Republicans, and 38 per cent of independents favored the broadcast and cable entrepreneur. The organization surveyed one thousand likely voters.

Earlier in the week, Trump boasted he’d beat Winfrey is she decided to oppose him. But the numbers, at least for the moment, do not add up in his favor.

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