Netflix award-winning series, The Crown launches second season Friday

The Crown

The Netflix award-winning series, The Crown, begins its second season Friday night as Elizabeth’s life evolves from the stresses and strains of her nascent post-World War II reign to a ten-year period of crisis and scandal covering the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties. Prominent in this period were the Suez Canal crisis and the Profumo Affair, a scandal that rocked London and was covered widely around the world.

Added to the cast this season will be Matthew Goode, Michael C. Hall, Jodi Balfour, Anton Lesser and Paul Sparks. This second season marks the last participation of Claire Foy and Matt Smith as the roles of Elizabeth and Philip will be recast to reflect the characters’ later years. Olivia Colman will take over in the role of Elizabeth while her consort will be portrayed by an actor as yet to be named.

BELOW: The Crown featurette

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