A new wrinkle today hits the newswires from Sarah Palin, Inc.

The former governor of Alaska and one-time vice-presidential candidate is coming to an internet channel near you. Or near your computer. Either way, this news signals more Palin, all the time.

Palin released an announcement on her Facebook page putting the word out to followers she’d be offering them more Sarah — and it will cost them only 9.95 US monthly, unless they snap up the bargain yearly subscription for 99 dollars and change.

What do the faithful get in return? Palin’s commentaries, raw and unfiltered, along with Palin in less structured settings. Get to know the real Sarah in her various domestic roles — grandmother, wife, mother and gosh, darn it, neighbor. But that’s not all. Subscribers can interact with Palin and each other. Heck, upload your own video if you want.

At least one pundit suggests Palin may have used the internet channel, The Blaze, which Glenn Beck launched in 2011, as a model for this new venture.

Palin may have some serious media firepower involved with this launch. One news outlet reports former NBC Universal chair Jeff Gaspin is associated with it along with Jon Klein, former president of CNN.

Can a Sarah Palin Barbie be far behind?

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