Peg this one too First World silly to ignore and too downright ridiculous to take seriously. Perhaps just enjoy it for the abundant attendant humor?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting this incident, so it must be real news even if they cite a story on TMZ. To paraphrase The Times: Early Wednesday, whatever that means, what has been termed a scuffle took place between actor Orlando Bloom of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and YouTube wunderkind Justin Bieber of — oh, pick just about any awkward headline in recent memory.

Best headline thus far on the merriment? That honor goes to the Daily Beast: Unlikely Hero Blooms in Ibiza.

Where else but a Mediterranean island to go viral in a video about something few if anyone with a grain of sense would care to witness first hand?

Check out a video allegedly showing the aforementioned scuffle — many sites report Bloom allegedly takes a swing, throws a punch, whatever, at Bieber who allegedly ducks and/or utters an alleged expletive or comment other than Merry Christmas to You. Note specifically the creative camera technique employed by whoever it was capturing this moment for all time.

Apparently patrons — some of them responsible for klutzy headlines of their own — applauded. And why not? Next?

***Please note superimposed credits for two websites which this video has appeared on previously. The original source for the video is unknown. Audio on the clip indicates several people speaking in the vicinity. Best guess? Another restaurant patron snapped this video and uploaded it to the internet. Apologies for uncredited source.

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