Actress, Activist Rose McGowan scores new docu-series on E!

She helped launch the #MeToo movement in the wake of an avalanche of sexual assault and harrassment over the last months of 2017, and now, her platform is widening. Actress and activist Rose McGowan will star in a five-part documentary series on E! this spring.

McGowan’s profile rose considerably due to her repeated remonstrations against men who have engaged in inappropriate conduct against women. McGowan was part of a sensational investigation conducted by the New York Times in which she revealed her own experience as the victim of sexual assault. The resulting disclosures from other women spanned every industry from media to entertainment to Wall Street.

Now, the actress will be presenting herself in an up close view into her life, her work and her sharp-edged opinions. “You are formally invited into my mind and world…I am thrilled to partner with E! to amplify my message of bravery, art, joy and survival,” the actress disclosed in a news release.

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