Small-town Life, High School, Teens and Drugs Cross Paths in Indy ThrillerThumper

There’s a combustible mix at work in the new indy feature, Thumper: a small community, rampant drug use, and teenagers with too much time on their hands. That’s the scenario playing out in this thriller from director Jordan Ross from his own screenplay. The plot involves a new girl in town named Kat who enrolls at the local high school where she befriends an unassuming classmate named Beaver, a guy who finds himself romantically attracted to Kat, who initially has no plans for anything more than friendship from the lovesick Beaver. Both Kat and Beaver have secret lives that work at odds with one another and dangerously so. Why? The town’s drug supplier, a character named Pablo, is both determined and deadly, and the characters’ arcs promise a potentially violent conclusion.

Eliza Taylor plays Kat Carter, Daniel Webber fills the role of Beaver, and the drug dealer, Pablo, is portrayed by Wyatt Rivers. Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is featured in the cast in a co-starring role, the nature of which we’ll keep mum about since it would provide something of a spoiler.

Thumper runs 1 hour 33 minutes and is unrated.

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