Taraji P. HEnson takes on the mob in Proud Mary

A killer for hire, a young boy, and a crime family. Put them altogether, and you’ve got the ingredients for the action crime thriller Proud Mary starring Taraji P. Henson as the don’t-mess-with-me hitwoman and Danny Glover as the head of a crime family which Mary belongs to — and desperately wants to leave.

Mary, in the words of Henson, is a stone cold killer with a past that left a lot to in to be desired in the form of a family. As it was, her lack of an upbringing created a personality that easily turned ruthless. Eventually, Mary had killed one too many people — a hit went terribly wrong — and she lost her edge and needed to turn the page. But the family that took Mary under its wing won’t hear of Mary leaving, which presents something of a problem.

Add to that conundrum a young boy — played by Jali Di’Allo Winston — whom Mary comes across. He’s street wise and left to his own devices, much as Mary had been. Mary takes an interest in him, and as a result, he quickly becomes Mary’s Achilles heel. In short order, Mary must take drastic action to protect him.

Joining Henson and Glover in the cast are Billy Brown, Neal McDonough, and Margaret Avery. The film is directed by Babak Najafi from a screenplay by Steve Antin, John Stewart Newman and Christian Swegel.

Proud Mary has a running time of 1 hour 29 minutes and is rated R.

Proud Mary trailer

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