There’s a tape which isn’t a tape. And a cloud which isn’t a cloud. Both are in a comedy which, well, does happen to be a comedy – from director Jake Kasden – with the provocative title Sex Tape. Oh, there is sex – between characters named Jay and Annie. The fil+m marks a reunion for Kasden with Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz following the trio’s 2011 comedy Bad Teacher.

“Sometimes you make a movie to take people completely out of themselves. To make them forget about their lives,” said Diaz about the film. “But this is one – we made this movie so people could laugh about their own situation and see themselves in Annie and Jay.”

In an age which has given us the term sexting, few would be surprised to hear of a couple resorting to technology to add a bit more spice to their relationship. Annie and Jay have been together long enough to have kids, busy careers and hectic lives. In the process, they’ve lost the spark, and so Annie comes up with a suggestion: They should shoot their own sex tape using Jay’s ipad – something they could do strictly for their own amusement and entertainment. The effort produces, for lack of a better term, satisfactory results. And then? The plot, as they say, thickens.

The tape is not so much a tape as it is a digital recording. Since it’s shot on a device connected to the internet, the potential for catastrophe cannot be far behind. Jay inadvertantly uploads the recording to the all-mysterious cloud, an amorphous entity guaranteed to give a technophobe a headache.

“I have a big fear of the cloud,” Segal remarked during a publicity session for the film’s release. “I am a technology buff. I love technology. No one understands the cloud and I wanted to make fun of that also because it’s becoming a real cloud culture. And that’s something we play with because we talk about it as if it’s a real thing.”

“We don’t really know how it works,” Diaz concurred. “But the idea that you have this great big entity that exists somewhere and it’s all of your personal information – every word you’ve written, business-wise, you know, privately to people in your life – pictures, videos, everything that is of value to you is living away from you somewhere in a place that you don’t know and it’s called the Cloud, which insinuates that it moves around the entire world, and just randomly drops its contact wherever it pleases – I think is a little scary.”

The rich and famous have dealt with sex tapes. Think Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, as one notable example. But for a typical mom and dad, the prospect of handling the fall out seems a certain bet for producing chaos — even comedy.

Rounding out the cast are Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper and Rob Lowe. Sex Tape runs an hour thirty-four minutes and is rated R.

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