Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Take on the Replicants in BLADE RUNNER 2049

It’s been 35 years since director Ridley Scott’s iconic science fiction feature Blade Runner hit movie theaters and rocked audiences with its dark, brooding futuristic look at a society in which human beings and artificial humanoids known as replicants lived side-by-side. The first installation of this saga starred Harrison Ford as a long-retired blade runner named Rick Deckard in what the studio described as one part detective story, one part sci-fi thriller. The film was inspired by the Philip K. Dick short story, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

In the first outing, Sean Young co-starred with Ford as a beautiful woman named Rachael, whom Ford’s character quickly falls in love with. But when Ford discovers that Rachael is herself a replicant, the stunned blade runner must confront his own notions about what defines being human.

The long-awaited sequel from director Denis Villeneuve stars Ryan Gosling as an updated LAPD blade runner known only by the initial K. The stakes are higher in Blade Runner 2049 The divide between humans and replicants could result in “anarchy and war,” as the studio production notes put it. Other cast members include Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Ana de Armas.

RottenTomatoes gives the film a healthy 88 rating from critics. Audience score is slightly lower at 81. IMDB gives it an 8.5 out of 10.

BLade Runner 2049 had an opening weekend take of just under 33 million. The film, which runs a hefyy 2 hours, is rated R.

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