Norwegian indy feature casts a wide net in Joachim Trier’s Thelma

Thelma, from Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier, combines several genres, each contributing to a whole that coalesces in a subtle mix. Think fantasy, drama, romance and mystery rolled into one. The protagonist Thelma, played by Eili Harboe, is a college student in Oslo, and Thelma harbors a secret even she doesn’t quite understand. Her parents worry about her and stary in constant contact, keeping tabs on their daughter who finds herself coming to a self-realization that has nothing to do with her fantastic secret. Thelma finds herself becoming aware of a sexual awakening that leads her to become attracted to another young woman, and true to form, Thelma goes through self-doubt over her conflicting emotions. Along the way, the young woman discovers she has unique powers, something that accompanies seizures that manifest themselves in telekinetic fashion. What are the origins of this mystifying power? Thelma goes in search of answers and takes moviegoers with her in the process.

Trier, known for Oslo, August 31st and his 2015 English-language film, Louder than Bombs, , directs from a script written with longtime collaborator Eskil Vogt. The cast includes Kaya Wilkins as Thelma’s romantic interest Anja.

RottenTomatoes gives the film a stellar score of 90. Thelma was selected as Norway’s entry in the best foreign film category of the 2018 Oscar race.

Thelma runs 1 hour 56 minutes.

Thelma teaser trailer below.

Thelma filmmakers and actors Q&A at the Toronto film festival.

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