Logan Marshall-Green shows up for a psychologically thrilling evening in The Invitation: Leave Your Expectations at the Door

lmgreenDon’t make the mistake of thinking The Invitation is a horror flick. Star Logan Marshall-Green will set you straight right away that moviegoers should leave their expectations at the door in this feature he says can only be thought of as a pure psychological thriller.

Marshall-Green plays Ben, the ex-husband of Eden (Tammy Blanchard) who invites Ben to join her current husband, David (Michiel Huisman), for an evening get together with a few of the couple’s friends. When David turns up for the soiree, he soon discovers the assembled party goers come across just a wee off the mark of normalcy.

Both Ben and the audience are left to wonder what’s really going on in this mind-bender directed by Karen Husama from a script by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.

Critics use words such as tense and taut to describe this one, and they’ve generally given it high marks. RottenTomatoes’ aggregate score sits at 91.

The Invitation is unrated and runs 1 hour 40 minutes.


Logan Marshall-Green on The Invitation and his thoughts upon reading the script:

‘It was a psychological thriller that you kept expecting to turn over into the genre and feed the formulaic return. And it just didn’t. It didn’t give those returns. It gave something much deeper.

Nothing really happens until page 80…but then…how did I read so quickly to page 80? And I knew instantly I needed to know who this director was.

I just think it’s time we address the intelligence of the audience — the American audience and the international audience. We may not be smart when it comes to guns. We may not be smart when it comes to politics. But we’re really fucking smart when it comes to narrative. It’s time to start treating our audience as intelligent individuals. we don’t need exposition that we used to, and we don’t need to soon feed narrative.”

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