John Kramer is Back Wreaking Mayhem in Jigsaw, Picking Up Where the Saw FRanchise Left Off

Jigsaw picks up where the Saw franchise left off as a macabre serial killer turns up again claiming his victims in the same manner as a killer, John Kramer, known as Jigsaw, had over a period of years that ended a decade ago. Clues at the scene of the killings suggest that Jigsaw is back to his old tricks. There’s just one problem: Jigsaw has been dead these past ten years. So, if Jigsaw is dead, who is behind these latest grisly killings?

As with the previous movies in the franchise, Jigsaw‘s action takes place in one location in which the characters must play a deadly game not of their choosing against a clock. Each character meets his or her demise in a diabolical and clever mechanized manner, a series of traps, that adds to the deadly thriller aspect of the horror. JIgsaw, like its predecessors in the Saw franchise, has been compared to the classic Ten Little Indians by the famed mystery novelist Agatha Christie.

Matt Passmore heads a cast of up-and-comers. Tobin Bell plays the title character of Jigsaw. Michael and Peter Spierig direct from a script by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Spolberg.

RottenTomatoes gave the film a dismal 39 rating while audiences who have seen it come in with a score of 83. The film was expected to lead all comers in its opening weekend in the neighborhood of 16 million.

Jigsaw is rated R and runs 1 hour 31 minutes.

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