So. Who knew?

Friday night, as the first box office weekend in August rolled into town on the heels of a not-so-great July for Hollywood, a bevy of movies ranging from biopics to super heroes promised to shake things up and set them straight. Well, not so fast. While star Dwayne Johnson was busy taking the Hercules promo tour on the road to places such as Comic-Con the week before and Camp Pendleton, a bit of not-so-raging controversy was brewing in pundit land even as the next weekend of major studio releases hit movie screens far and wide to do battle for box office booty.

Over in this corner, held over from last week with its respectable second place finish, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hercules continued to slug it out, all fierce and gladiator-style theatrics (now, there’s a loaded word given the new context), picking up another three-million dollars plus on Thursday night as word came a monster opening might be in store for Guardians of the Galaxy.

No problem. The Herc has other fish to fry and other problems to attend. Such as one created by Peter Travers over at Rolling Stone sniping about the legendary hero being in the closet in Paramount’s pic instead of letting it, uh, all hang out graphic novel style. What? The gladiator dude’s into other dudes? And it’s not in the movie? What? Shocking.

Travers, in a July 31 review of the movie, is having none of it. “The bisexual rageaholic Moore put in the Comics is nowhere to be found in this tiresomely timid PG-13 movie….”

Well, just meow.

But, wait. Travers is not alone in pointing out that Hercules, the film, may be a little light in the plot-line. The Advocate, the gay and lesbian news magazine of record, loves nothing if not a good macho plot with a gay bent. As far back as a year ago, Valentine’s week, no less, Jase Peeples in The Advocate pointed out well-placed evidence to suggest Wolverine and Hercules got their groove on.

Peeples writes that “…according to Bleeding Cool, the comic’s most recent issue, X-Treme X-Men #10 moved beyond flirtatious hints and placed the couple’s softer side front and center depicting the two men kissing in a passionate embrace.”

So much debate over a kiss in a comic book. Next thing you know, Wolverine and Hercules will be joining the same-sex marriage debate. Someone may need to explain how it is even possible for these two dudes to hook up. Weren’t they kicking ass in separate centuries? It’s just so confusing. But won’t this make the junket for Hercules 2 interesting should there be a sequel?

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