Hardcore Henry All Action, All the Time

EverettCollection_HardcoreHenry-160308Theme park ride meets movie meets video game. That’s they way Hardcore Henry is being described by one of the cast members of this feature from Russian-born director Ilya Nhaishuller, a filmmaker who’s become known for an intense first-person POV style as seen in his 2013 music video Biting Elbows:Bad Motherfucker.

The films plot centers on the title character, Henry, a man who dies and is resuscitated and comes back from the dead to find himself flat on his back on a table in a laboratory where he’s being fitted for bionic parts following an encounter in which he loses a limb or two. There, he’s greeted by a woman who tells him that she is wife — and that he has some serious kick ass retribution he needs to administer as soon as possible. Think Robocop on the big screen and The Bionic Man — for those of you who know that TV series starring a then-young and hunky Lee Majors.

The cast includes Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium0, Haley Bennett(The Equalizer0, and Tim Roth.

Critical reaction suggests moviegoers seeking a high-octane thrill ride, Hardcore Henry very likely will fulfill expectations. Others seeking a solid story line may come away feeling shortchanged.

RottenTomatoes weighs in on this one with a score of 52. Hardocre Henry has a running time of 1 hour 30 minutes.

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