In Happy Death Day, Everything Old is New Again

Horror-slash-comedy goes to college in director Christopher Landon’s Happy Death Day. Moviegoers familiar with the Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day will recognize a similar conceit here: The protagonist of the film lives the same day over and over again. What separates this one from the Murray film is that the day relived time and again involves a murder. And the victim keeps waking up in a bed not her own to face the same events of the same day as she goes about trying to solve the mystery of who it was that killed her. Jessica Rothe stars as a sorority girl named Tree, a co-ed with a certain sense of privilege who gets her comeuppance when she finds herself on the wrong end of a butcher knife.

Rothe is joined in the cast by Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine and Charles Aitken, among others.

The film earned just north of 9 million its first weekend in release. Happy Death Day, runs 1 hour 36 minutes and is rated PG-13.

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