My Friend Dahmer: A Fictional Portrayal of the Infamous Serial Killer’s Early Years

Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer

Between 1978 and 1991, a serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer, as known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, killed 17 young men and boys, often before committing sexual acts upon the bodies before dismembering them. While attempting to kill what would have been his 18th victim, he was overpowered by the man who summoned police to accompany him to Dahmer’s residence where the grisly discovery of body parts resulted in Dahmer’s subsequent arrest. In February, 1992, Dahmer was convicted and sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment for his crimes. Subsequently, he was convicted of an additional murder. Dahmer’s senior year in high school has been brought to big screen in the film, My Friend Dahmer directed by Marc Meyers from a script by Meyers and John “Derf” Backderf from a graphic novel by backderf. The graphic novel — based on true events — was inspired by Backderf’s relationship with Dahmer during that senior year. The film stars Ross Lynch as Dahmer and Alex Wolff as Backderf. Others in the cast include Anne Heche and Vincent Kartheiser, among others.

RottenTomatoes gives the film a healthy rating of 76.

My Friend Dahmer runs 1 hour 47 minutes and is rated R.

See the film’s trailer below along with an appearance by the filmmakers and actors at the Deauville Film Festival.

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