Family Tragedy Laid Bare in LOUDER THAN BOMBS

hupert byrneA family in crisis grieving over the death of a wife and mother, a woman known as well for her talents and achievements in photojournalism. Her death leaves a void that touches everyone left behind — both at home as well as professionally.hupert byrne How will those who survive her begin the process of learning to live with their loss? These are the issues central to the thought-provoking film directed by Joachim Trier from a script by Trier and Eskil Vogt.

Trier has the good luck to have worked with a truly all-star cast in Gabriel Byrne as the father, Isabelle Huppert as the departed mother, and Jesse Eisenberg as their adult son busy leading a separate life with his own family. Devin Druid plays the teenage son at odds with his father, the only parent he can now turn to.

Critics and audiences alike consider this family a significant cut above average. RottenTomatoes gives the Reed family a score of 65, one point lower than moviegoers who rate it at 66.

Louder Than Bombs is rated R and runs 1 hour 45 minutes.


Gabriel Byrne on the themes in Louder Than Bombs:

“I think that for many people in the modern age there is a conflict in home and the work place and with it the attendant feelings of guilt and, later, regret. I think that something that many parents and children can identify with but I think that…in terms of the film, that’s just one vein of exploration. For the family who’s left behind after a tragedy like this, how one puts together one’s life after…that is a very complex journey.

All the people in the film are dealing with grief of some sort, and I think apart from the them of grief the film is also an examination of family — what it means to be a father, to be a son, to be a wife, to be a husband.

It also deals with the passage of time, I think. How do you remember things? And each of the people in this movie (is) flawed. They’re also heroic in the best sense…of the word. One of the things I think the film plays into is the notion of memory …it’s about how the inner life, the complexity of the inner life deals with the dilemma of the workplace and the home.”

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