“Bond” Star Daniel Craig Says “Sprectre” Marks A Shot-in-the-Arm for 007 Franchise

Spectre may be the 24th time out for James Bond and his 007 alter ego. but the man who plays the iconic spy says the franchise is by no means tired. In fact, actor Daniel Craigs says the latest sequel in the long-running franchise takes the series in a new and bold direction.

“When we did Casino,, we ignored everything. We didn’t have a Q, we didn’t have the swcene in the workshop. Everybody was going nuts because we didn’t have the gadgets…But I was always in the back of the mind very confident that if things continued, we’d be sort of able to reintroduce them…and Sam coming in and casting Ben (Whisaw) as Q, Naomie as Moneypenny. Suddenly you’ve got these great actors that were there, and a new M. And you’ve got to take advantage of that. I’m hopeful that the way we’ve done it is that we’ve kind of refreshed it and made it for a new eyes, and those people that know Bond movies will know what we’ve done. Those that haven’t seen Bond movies will enjoy the game, the games, that we’re doing.”

Along with Whisaw as Q and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Ralph Fiennes makes his second appearance as the new M, head of the British intelligence service. Also back for a second time is director Sam Mendes.

Spectre is rated PG-13. 1$_V?_Job Name

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