Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell tackle a Killer Script in Mr. Right

mr-rightIf you were describing a prospective date as having a “killer personality,” you just might be tempted to think — this is someone I’ve got to meet. The term, after all, means that the person in question has a winning way with people.

Right? Well, maybe. That would be the usual interpretation. But no so fast.

The descriptor takes on an entirely different tone in the somewhat dark comedy Mr. Right because in this movie — the title character possesses a killer personality taken to the extreme: He’s a hit man.

In this girl-meets-boy, girl-falls-for-boy-and-vice-versa tale, Martha is on the rebound when she runs across a killer personality in the form of Francis. She’s a bit wacky, he’s a little nuts. They’re the perfect fit. But Francis is a paid assassin, albeit with a social conscience. What’s a girl to do?

Anna Kendrick plays Martha, Sam Rockwell takes on the role of Francis the assassin-with-a-twist. Tim Roth portrays an FBI agent on the trail of a client who hires Francis to do a job not knowing that Francis has other plans in mind. The film from a script by Max Landis is directed by Paco Cabezas.

Critics on RottenTomatoes scored the film with a middling 48, but the cast alone seems worth the price of admission. Mr. Right is rated R and has a running time of 1 hour 30 minutes.


From screenwriter Max Landis on crafting the script for Mr. Right:

“This is the only script which contains things in it that have actually happened to me almost verbatim…I thought, you know, I almost never do that in my scripts about things that have happened to me.”

The movie is about…in a very silly way, about sexuality. It is not a gay movie. It is not a straight movie. It is not trying to make any kind of statement…the tone of the movie which is sexuality is fluid and you should be okay with who you are.”

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