11-Year-Old Noah Schnapp Gives Voice to Charlie Brown on the Big Screen in The Peanuts Movie

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“It was a really long process. It was much onger than I expected, because first — in the first year of the process, I had to audition, and then I had what are called scratch tests, which are like test recordings, and I did ten of those. And that was all over one year.”

So says 11-year-old Noah Schnapp about year one of his involvement with The Peanuts Movie in which the New York school boy voices the beloved “Peanuts” comic strip character, Charlie Brown. Schnapp’s starring role in the big screen version of Charles Schulz’s iconic cartoon strip takes place at the same time that the youngster co-stars in the Stephen Spielberg Cold War drama Bridge of Spies, so young Schnapp has an embarrassment of box office riches going into the holiday season.

The young actor remains busy with an active acting schedule even as the public is only now becoming aware of the talented performer. Schnapp will be seen along with Winona Ryder in “Stranger Things,” a new series currently filming for Netlix.

According to Schnapp — who’s been acting for three years now — he made the decision to pursue the profession when his parents took him to a production of “Annie.” It was his parents who informed him he’d won the voiceover role for The Peanuts Movie — and he wasn’t entirely sure they wren’t pulling his leg.

“When I realized I got the part, I was in the car, and I had just gotten home from school,” says Schnapp,”and my Mom and Dad knew before I knew. So, I was in the car, and they told me, and I didn’t really believe them, so I asked if they were kidding, and they told me they weren’t lying so, I jumped out of the car screaming and running around.”

Moviegoers appear to enjoy this feature version of the Peanuts gang come to life on any screen after some 35 years. The box office take for Charlie Brown and company added up to some 45 million dollars in its first weekend.

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