Andy Culpepper Resume Featurette

Click on the headline link to view behind-the-scenes materials for The Contractor, an espionage thriller starring Wesley Snipes. Andy Culpepper produced this featurette for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (which holds the copyright) and shot it using a Canon GL1 mini-DV camera on location in Sofia, Bulgaria. Culpepper edited the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 software on a laptop during production of another film on location near Dallas, Texas. Motion pictures on Andy’s resume include Sony Screen Gems’ Burlesque (release date: 2010), Sony Screen Gems’ Easy A (release date 2010), Sony Screen Gems’ Takers (release date 2010), Sony Screen Gems’ Mardi Gras (release date: 2010), Screen Gems’ Fired Up! (2009), Screen Gems’ Prom Night (2008), Screen Gems’ First Sunday (2008), Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Impact Point, (2008), SPHE’s Wieners (2008), SPHE’s This Christmas , Screen Gems’ When A Stranger Calls (2006), SPHE’s Black Dawn (2005) , and Screen Gems’ The Forsaken (2001).

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