Musicians Cancel Tour Dates; In Stockholm, Tearful Madonna Goes On, Reminds Concertgoers Not to Take Freedom for Granted

While a number of musicians cancelled dates or European tours in reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13, one day later in Stockholm, a defiant Madonna s

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11-Year-Old Noah Schnapp Gives Voice to Charlie Brown on the Big Screen in The Peanuts Movie

“It was a really long process.

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“Trumbo” — Chronicling A Black Era in the Not-So-Distant History of Hollywood

He was the preeminent screenwriter of his day when Dalton Trumbo and another nine others in the Hollywood film community were summoned before Congress to testify before the House

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“Bond” Star Daniel Craig Says “Sprectre” Marks A Shot-in-the-Arm for 007 Franchise

Spectre may be the 24th time out for James Bond and his 007 alter ego. but the man who plays the iconic spy says the franchise is by no means tired.

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Adele’s New Single “Hello” from Upcoming Album “25” Sets Record for Million Mark in Downlo...

Her latest single has sold more than a million downloads — a first — even before the album drops in three weeks.

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Filmmaker Michael Moore Cries Foul Over R-Rating for New Comedy “Where to Invade Next”

His latest comedy has been tagged with an R-rating, and Michael Moore is not happy about it.

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